What Is A Chromebook

Looking for a new piece of technology to call your own? In the market to find a laptop to tote wherever you go?

When you’re browsing through the internet and doing research on your newest piece of tech, it can be a bit daunting looking at all of the different brands and specs, as well as price tags.

But what if I told you that there was a laptop that was super accessible, more affordable than its peers, and just convenient all around?

Let me introduce you to the Chromebook.

What’s A Chromebook?

For those unaware, a Chromebook is a laptop designed by Google themselves. Chromebooks are well known for a variety of reasons, and come with their own lists of pros and cons.

Chromebooks Are Affordable

Depending on what kind of personal reasons that you want a laptop for, that could determine the price range that you’d be falling into when you’re shopping.

Are you a professional, who needs all of the industry standard software like Adobe Photoshop?

Are you a fan of gaming and want a laptop with some of the best specs and graphics cards needed to make sure that you’re running your games as smoothly as possible?

Are you a consumer who knows that they’re going to be downloading a lot of thighs onto their laptop and want as much space as possible?

Then that’s where the price tags begin to rise.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, but for the person who just needs a computer that can connect to the internet and let them browse the web without too many complications, at a price that won’t hit too hard in the wallets, then a Chromebook is one of the best bets one can make.

Chromeooks have plenty of models available, with a lot of the options being readily accessible for under $300.

The Chromebook OS(Operating System)

Okay, Chromebooks are a bit more affordable, but what is under the hood? What makes them run?

Without going into depth about the specifics of each one, when people think about what the average computer runs on, the most widely popular operating systems are Windows, MacOs, and even Linux.

Chromebooks, on the other hand, are unique in the sense that they aren’t run on any of the aforementioned. Instead, they are run on the ChromeOs, an operating system entirely unique to the Chromebook family.

The ChromeOs was primarily designed with the Google ecosystem in mind, like many of the Android apps one can find on the Google Playstore, the Google Docs, Slides, Drive, and the like.

One thing to take note of is that due to the fact that there is no Windows on Chromebooks, that means that users won’t be able to initially make use of common Windows apps, like Photoshop and Microsoft Office.

Pros and Cons

Like with everything in life, there’s always pros and cons to everything, and grabbing a Chromebook is no exception.

One of the main pros is the accessibility and simplicity in a Chromebook. If you’re just looking for a simple machine that’ll let you surf the web, check emails, and watch funny cat videos on youtube, then a Chrome book is right up your alley.

It’s extremely affordable compared to its contemporaries, with a lot of models sitting at the $300 mark and under, another major pro. 

If you’re used to using a lot of Google’s services, like Google Drive and Docs, then you’ll rest easy knowing that everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

On the cons, however, there are a few to make note of before you make your decision.

Chromebooks aren’t designed to run a lot of Microsoft software, so for those who use things like Microsoft Office and Photoshop, you won’t get the best experience without doing a bit of extra technical work.

If you’re a big fan of gaming on your Laptop, unless you’re content with mainly Android games off of the Playstore, you’d be better off looking elsewhere since the Chromebooks don’t come with a lot of processing power nor the graphics cards needed for traditional gaming.


In conclusion, a Chromebook is a good choice for a laptop for today’s modern age. If you’re in need of something simple and affordable, and you’re not trying to do a lot of extra with your laptop, then a Chromebook is just for you!