About The 225MB

Daily Insights to Simplifying Complex Topics

The 225MB is a tech blog for everyday people, by everyday people. The 225MB provides the latest news in technology and gadgetry – but it’s not about gadgets, it’s about what really matters to you: your family, your work, your lifestyle. It’s about how these things are evolving with new technology. And because we understand that life is complicated enough already without having to worry about all of this stuff on top of everything else, we focus on making sure our articles are easy to read and always provide practical solutions so you can get back to living life instead of reading more words on a screen.

We emphasize practicality with content that’s inclusive of everything from how-to’s to reviews of products you might not have even heard about yet.

We are a reliable source for tech and style news and information. Our team of writers covers a wide variety of topics focusing on where style and technology intersect, from the latest in fashiontech to how to incorporate the latest gadgets into your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve or just want to be entertained, we’ve got you covered. Originally we were just a journal covering the avent of the PC, then into cell phone technology. Today we like to cover tech and style from a more human perspective.