Do I Really Need A Screen Protector For My Phone?

Ah, there’s nothing like that child-like excitement you get. You hold the box, eager to pull it out and set up your brand new toy.

You get home, brimming with energy and anticipation, take it out…

And by sheer bad luck, you somehow manage to drop that brand new phone and crack the screen.

When a new phone comes into the picture, the best way to ensure its safety is to make sure that it is protected from front to back. 

Of course everyone knows that phone cases are practically a necessity when it comes to keeping that fragile tech safe, but what about screen protectors?

Do you really need a screen protector? Let’s find out below.

The Dangers Of A Naked Screen

Remember how pretty, how pristine and clean that phone was when it came fresh out of the box?

It was pure, untainted and corrupted by the world.

But as you walked around with it, things began to happen.

Maybe you were just walking out to the driveway without a care in the world, basking in the good weather, and happened to drop the phone on the pavement.

Maybe you spend a bit of time with your hands shifting from the ground to your pockets, and you end up getting a bit of sand in your pockets.

Maybe you had your phone in your pocket at work, and you rounded the corner a bit too hard and bumped into someone’s desk.

Despite modern screens coming equipped with Gorilla Glass, there are still plenty of ways for your screen to get some unsightly scratches, a small crack or two, or even worse – the dreaded destroyed screen that doesn’t even respond when you touch it.

And that’s where a screen protector can come in.

Different Types Of Screen Protectors

So if you want an easy way to protect your phone screen, then getting a screen protector seems to be a no brainer.

But, there isn’t just one standard screen protector that does everything in one sitting.

You have a few different types, with the most common being:

  • Anti-Glare: The type of screen protector that the person who’s outside in the sun a lot. Love catching some rays and enjoying the sunlight, but hate not being able to see your screen if there isn’t any nearby shade? Anti-glares are made with tempered glass, and they’re right up your alley
  • Privacy screen: Using your phone in privacy just got easier. This’ll cut down on those awkward moments where someone sees something questionable on your screen, because all they’ll see is a black screen
  • Tempered Glass: The most bang for your buck, these screen protectors are the most durable out of the bunch, as well as the ones that will resemble your phone screen the most in terms of feeling


In conclusion, getting a screen protector is highly recommended. You have multiple options to choose from for whatever occasion you may find yourself in, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your phone screen has just that bit of extra protection.