Items You Need To Pack On Your Next Business Trip

It’s time for your first business trip. Congratulations!

You’ve worked hard for this moment. And now that it’s here, you want everything to go without a hitch. From preparing presentations to itineraries, you want to be on top of everything.

However, before you can tackle the bigger tasks, there’s something else that needs your attention: your packing list.

Surprisingly, a few physical items can make or break your business trip, even in the digital age. If you don’t want to struggle, here are a few of the essential things you should never forget to pack:


Although it may sound like a no-brainer, you’ll be surprised to learn how many people forget their passports at home. It could be the excitement of catching a flight or the thought of stepping into a new country that distracts us. Still, whatever it is, without a passport, you aren’t setting foot on the plane. So, get a clear folder and pack your passport, tickets, ID cards, and other documents you may need for the trip. Check and double-check!


Nowadays, everyone travels with their smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets. Even though it might be inconvenient, you must ensure that all your gadget chargers are neatly packed in the bag. Ensure that you have enough memory cards, USBs, and other accessories necessary for your business’s smooth running.

Also, pack your ear pods or headphones to make your travel time more productive.

Wi-Fi Device

The only mantra of the business traveler is “Stay connected.” You never know when and where you need vital information from your office or a colleague in another city. To make sure you always have an internet connection, it’s essential to pack a Wi-Fi device with your laptop. It could be a personal hotspot or a Mi-Fi device. We recommend keeping it charged and switched on.


Business travelers should always look professional when meeting a client or attending an important event. Remember? First impressions are the most lasting. So, pack your best formal shirts, trousers, and shoes. But keep in mind the weather conditions of your destination. If you’re visiting a cold place, add a few extra layers of clothing, such as sweaters, coats, and scarves.

You must also keep a watch and a pair of sunglasses handy.

If you plan on exploring the destination after your business, pack a few casual clothes too.


You will probably be staying in a five-star (or more) hotel, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Bring all your toiletries like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and toothbrush along. If you’re traveling via air, it is imperative to ensure that all these items are within the allowed 100ml size limits. Use a TSA-approved toiletry bag for hygienic purposes.

Meds and Supplies

You may not have any allergies or health conditions. But travel and work stress can take a toll on your health. Plus, if you’re traveling to a country with a climatological difference, you must prepare your body. So, remember to pack all your essential medications and first-aid supplies like bandages, antiseptic creams, and painkillers. You’ll also want to carry along your favorite snacks and water bottles.

Breath Mints

Spare yourself any potentially embarrassing moments with clients and colleagues by keeping a roll of breath mints or gum in your pocket. Some of the best business relationships are built on trust, starting with a pleasant smile and greeting. We particularly love sugar-free mints as they don’t leave any residue on your teeth.

Your Business Cards

Make sure to leave home with your business cards. A well-printed card with all the correct information is proof of your professionalism. And it’s always a good idea to have extra cards just in case you get the opportunity to make an impression. You can keep them in your wallet or a special business card holder. Tuck them in your laptop bag, and you won’t ever forget them.

Office Supplies

Imagine this. You’re in the middle of a meeting, and the only pen available is one with no ink. Avoid such situations by packing your office supplies. Carry a few pens, markers, highlighters, sticky notes, and post-it flags. Also, add some stationery such as paper clips, staplers, and scissors. This precautionary measure will keep you from running around looking for stationery when the need arises.

Relaxation Aids

The life of a business traveler is always challenging. It’s essential to find ways to relax during your trips. It’ll ensure you stay energized. Some of the things that you can carry are stress balls, aromatherapy oils, and sleep masks. You can also pack a book or two that you can read during your downtime. Or, if you prefer, carry a set of cards or a board game to help you relax after work.


A successful business trip requires thoughtful planning and preparation. While you’re planning all the things you’ll do after work, remember to prepare for the actual business. Put together a packing list covering all the essentials for work and leisure, and you’ll have a great time. Give yourself enough time to pack everything before you leave, so there are no last-minute surprises.