Interior Design Trends That Must Die!

Are you tired of the same boring décor trends flooding your Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds? They may have been popular ten years ago but are sorely outdated – much like our high school wardrobes. Many of these design fads have outstayed their welcome, so let’s wave goodbye to them once and for all! This post will explore six interior design trends that must die (preferably immediately) to revive stifling home interiors. How do we know which old direction should go first? We’ve done some research and consulted a few experts in the field – trust us; you won’t want to miss this!

First on the chopping block is modern minimalism. While it may have been a trend embraced in interior design circles at one time, it has become unbelievably overdone and somewhat mundane. Sure, it’s nice to have a clean interior with no clutter, but there must be more life than white walls and empty spaces! When decorating your interior, remember to add some color or texture; if not, you might end up living in a monochromatic museum.

Let’s move on to shabby-chic. This style of interior design has been popular for decades, and while some aspects of this trend can still be appreciated today, many elements are outdated. Do you need distressed furniture pieces scattered like a tornado in your house? I will lose my mind if I hear one more story about dumpster diving for a dresser.

Another interior design trend that is not so pleasant is “the themed room.” Themed rooms can be fun for a child’s bedroom, but as an adult, you should stay away from this decoration style. Unless you are a superhero fanatic or a Disney fan, there is little use in having your entire living room decorated with cartoon characters and bright colors.

Lastly, let’s talk about statement pieces. While it can be tempting to fill the interior of your home with large pieces of furniture, such as oversize couches and chairs, they often make the space feel smaller than it actually is. Instead, opt for smaller items like side tables, lamps, and other accessories that will bring life to a room and not make it feel overcrowded.

If it isn’t in a boat, stop using shiplap! Construction crews everywhere have caught onto the trend on HGTV since it’s been showing up in every home improvement project lately. Don’t get me wrong—we all need to stop and appreciate its rustic charm once in a while. But when shiplap is seemingly used as a quick fix for any interior design issues, that’s when I stop and say, ‘enough already.’ So, while I am sure shiplap has tons of admirers out there, let’s stop making it synonymous with interior design projects.

Let’s call it quits on interior graffiti while we’re at it. While I understand the concept of making a space feel unique, interior graffiti looks like an afterthought that has been added in haste. Like shiplap, interior graffiti has become quite popular amongst interior design fanatics, but if you want to put your own stamp on a room, there are much better ways to do so. For example, investing in a few statement pieces or adding custom wallpaper to an accent wall can create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while also making your space unique.

Lord have mercy! Let’s say goodbye and farewell to the days of statement ceilings! The trend was alluring for some time and definitely gave us something to stare up at as when we couldn’t fall asleep. The only time this was cool was in the 18Th-century homes of Charleston, SC. But the rest of us can now keep our interior styles grounded.

Another interior design trend that is nearing its expiration date is the overuse of velvet. It’s a lovely fabric, and it does add a certain level of elegance to any room. However, when too much is used, it looks overdone and tacky. Don’t get us wrong – there are times when using velvet works exceptionally well but make sure you use it sparingly or in moderation when decorating your home.

Finally, let’s bid farewell to all-white interior design! We understand why this particular trend has been so popular for so long – white rooms feel clean and minimalistic. But, if done incorrectly (which unfortunately happens far too often), it feels cold, sterile, and dull.

If you must incorporate a white interior into your design, try to warm it up with pops of color or interesting textures. This will make for a much more interesting living space that won’t look so sterile and uninviting.

So, there you have it – interior design trends that must die! This post has given you some ideas on what interior design trends to avoid and how to create something unique and beautiful in your home instead. Goodbye, outdated interior design tricks – we won’t miss you!

And that’s why you should never take design tips from HGTV. Their style isn’t universally appealing, and what works in one space doesn’t necessarily work in another. So if you’re ever feeling lost when it comes to your home’s aesthetic, remember that there are other sources of inspiration.

We’ve been taking design cues from the TV for years, but it’s time to break up with HGTV. Their advice is uninspired, outdated, and just plain wrong. So if you’re looking for truly fresh ideas, you’ll have to find them elsewhere. And if all else fails, you can always call a professional. In the meantime, what trends do you think we need to call it quits on?