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Baby Gear You Need To Be An Active Parent | Don’t Leave Home Without These Necessities!

Are you an active parent? Do you want to take your baby outside and explore all that the outdoors has to offer? If so, then having the right gear is vital. From strollers to carriers and beyond, there are endless available products that can help make your outdoor adventures with your baby more enjoyable. Let’s discuss some of the best options on the market today so you can find a solution that fits both your and your baby’s needs!

Jogging Stroller –

First and foremost, baby strollers are a must-have. Depending on your lifestyle, many baby strollers can offer the comfort and convenience you need for active parenting. Whether you’re looking for an all-terrain jogger or a lightweight umbrella stroller, there’s sure to be something perfect for your baby’s needs. Look for one that’s easy to fold, store, and transport. Once you’ve sorted your baby stroller, it’s time to think about baby carriers. We are going to talk about those next. As soon as the tike is bigger enough, skip the old-fashioned stroller and go right for a Jogging Stroller or Stroller Wagon. For jogging, you can’t beat the Thule Urban Glide 2, and you can actually run a 5K with it!

Baby Carrier –

Baby carriers allow you to keep your baby close while allowing both freedoms of movement. It also allows the baby to enjoy the same activity as mom or dad when outdoors exploring! There are two main types: slings and wraps, which strap around your body. Baby carriers are a must-have for active parents. From baby slings to backpacks, baby carriers make it easy and comfortable to take the baby on long walks or hikes. Look for one with plenty of support and adjustable straps, so the baby is secure yet comfortable. 

Portable Swing – 

Perfect for taking on trips or visits to Grandma’s house

When my kids were younger, we couldn’t live without a Johhny-Jump Up. It was a bouncy swing attached to a door jamb, and the little ones could bounce and jump. It was awesome because it could easily be attached and packed up to take with us. Evenflo still makes the Jump Up, also known as doorway swings. I also like how these have evolved over the years, and my first pick is the Evenflo Johnny Jump-Up. It’s cheap, but not cheaply made.

Booster Seat-

Another item we couldn’t live without is a portable booster seat/baby chair. These come in handy for feeding and meal time and as a safe spot for the little ones to sit upright and eat a few Cheerios while we relax. Make sure you test the fit and how it folds; not all seats pack up that easily. I would still go with the Fisher-Price one we picked. The adjustable straps allow it to fit a wide variety of chairs and situations as well as sit free-standing on the floor.

Portable Play Pen-

A portable playpen will be one of your best friends when packing and traveling with a baby. Right next to the doorway swing, the playpen is vital to corralling and keeping the baby occupied. Look for one that is lightweight, folds up quickly, and comes with a travel bag. My first choice is the same now as it was with my firstborn, the Graco Pack N’ Play. It’s the biggest one that folds up small.

Diaper Bag-

Remember the baby’s diaper bag! This will be like your baby’s own suitcase filled with everything to keep them happy and healthy on the go. Be sure to pack diapers, wipes, an extra change of clothes, and any other baby essentials you may need depending on how long your trip will take. Our favorite is from Tactical Baby Gear and has proven to be one of the best diaper bags we’ve had among our kids. The cool thing about the Deuce diaper bag is that it doesn’t look like every other one in the world. You can tell it’s a Tactical baby Gear design just by looking at its original layout and pocket configuration, which comes in handy!

There you have it – baby gear and accessories every active parent needs! With these items, you’ll be ready to venture near and far. Now, this is not an exhaustive list because you will find that you need more baby gear. Your child and parenting style may dictate a different set of baby equipment. I was a maniac with my first few kids and had to have everything along with a backup and a packing list, so we never left anything behind. have you ever left the house without a pacifier? Very quickly, you will learn there is not a CVS or Rite Aid on every corner!

As my wife and I had more kids, we became more laid back about it, and by baby number six, we felt like we could wing it! Many other baby items can make life easier, such as convertible car seats, blankets, teethers, and more. Have fun shopping for all the baby goodies you’ll need – it!