5 Foods You Should Never Order At A Restaurant

Eating can often be an exciting experience – trying something new and tempting and indulging in a dish you’ve been waiting for weeks. But when your meal arrives at the table, do you ever stop for a moment and think, “My goodness, what did I just order?!” Whether it’s the overly-complex presentation or once-in-a-lifetime combination of ingredients, sometimes dining out comes with its share of surprises.

For all its excitement, though, some menu staples may not be worth asking for – they say variety is the spice of life, after all! Before making your next restaurant reservation, let me tell you about 5 of these ‘dangerous’ dishes.

  1. Fried food – The fear of food poisoning is real, and nobody wants to take the risk. Instead of fried foods such as fish and chips, fried chicken, French fries, and onion rings, opt for grilled or baked options that are less likely to be contaminated with foodborne pathogens.
  2. Meats high in fat – Grilled steak may sound like a great idea for dinner, but if it’s full of fat, you may want to reconsider. High-fat meats can clog your arteries and increase your heart attack or stroke risk. Go for leaner cuts like beef tenderloin or flank steak instead.
  3. Unfamiliar seafood – Seafood unfamiliar to you should be avoided because you have no idea where it is from or how the restaurant prepared it. On top of that, much so-called local seafood has weird ways of being cooked. Stick to what you know and the food served at a reputable restaurant.
  4. Cream-based sauces – Although cream-based sauces may seem tasty, they are usually unhealthy and can contain high levels of saturated fat and calories. Try ordering food with lighter sauces like olive oil or vinaigrette instead.
  5. Daily Specials – Not so much for fear of getting sick, but more than daily specials are usually upcharges and a rip-off. Restaurants often try to move food that is about to go bad or isn’t selling. Ask your server questions and research the food before ordering it.

So, next time you make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, steer clear of these dishes! You don’t want to end up with an unpleasant experience – or food poisoning – after all! But remember, if you order something from this list, there’s no shame in sending it back for something more delicious. Bon App├ętit!